How To Choose The Right Live Communication Service

Posted on: 21 March 2016

Marketing your business in the right way is one of the most important strategies that drives sales. Presentation is one key factor in marketing, and the way you present your company to customers determines if they will buy your goods. A live communication service (such as is offered by The Message Centre) is a great tool that greatly enhances a company's image and presentation. Below are major factors to consider to help you get the most from your live communication service. 

Type of Business

Live messaging and live answering services are top live communication services that enable real-time communication between your company and customers. The type of business you've invested in determines the type of service that is best for you.  

If your product or service is complex, the live answering service is preferable as it will give customers room to ask questions and get a step-by-step guideline on the phone. For example, if a customer is buying online software, they will need a guideline on how to use it and probably install it. However, this is different if you are selling goods or services that are not complex such as shoes or web registration. 

Number of Customers

Before you hire a live communication support company, assess the demand for your business. High customer traffic can be managed easily via live messaging. At times, customers want basic information that can be downloaded or read on a given platform. Therefore, a message with the correct information might be all that is required. You can thus choose to handle only complex matters over the phone.

Classifying and separating customers' needs will significantly reduce congestion and the time it takes for a client to be served. Inquire from your service provider, which is the best package for you, given the number of clients you are serving in your company. 


It is important to choose a package that will not escalate your costs. A good way to manage costs, especially if you are working on a tight budget is to choose a flexible option. Service providers often offer a per-day-billing. This issue means that you can choose to use the service during peak season only.   

Also, you can have the live communication service for just half a day. Choose the hours where call traffic is highest. Also, if your company serves international clients, identify the most appropriate time that is convenient for most, if not all clients.

 Live communication is a good marketing tool for businesses. Remember to ask for compiled records of all calls and messages to help you in planning and decision-making.